CliniFusion is the only web-based EMR built to treat and track the outcomes of your Ketamine patients. CliniFusion makes running your practice effortless and more efficient. ClinifFusion allows for scheduling, charting, managing, and tracking all outcomes from any web-based device. This allows your team to focus on what matters most, your patients.

CliniFusion was built to eliminate your current paper charting workflow. Utilizing CliniFusion’s web-based platform allows clinics to manage their entire operation electronically. Patients may utilize the patient portal and complete all intake information electronically while providers document their entire infusion while tracking valuable data.

CliniFusion is flexible enough to be used as the primary EMR or as an adjunct system. The Ketamine infusion process can be cumbersome when utilizing existing EMR’s or paper. CliniFusion was designed to manage your entire practice including medication inventories and controlled substances. CliniFusion creates multiple reports that provide very useful clinical insights.

CliniFusion does have the ability to interface with your currently billing provider. Our team can provide seamless electronic data transfer direct to your billing teams software. Claim submissions, coding, and other necessary billing needs are still the responsibility of your billing team.

CliniFusion is a web-based platform and may be used directly from your desktop, laptop, or even your Ipad/tablet.

Our monthly pricing structure is based on the needs of your clinic. We have tried not to complicate our pricing structure based on the size of your clinic but rather allow our users to determine which EMR functionality needed to run your practice. Monthly pricing can vary from $49.00 monthly and up based on which tier your clinic requires. Additional costs include a one time set up fee and extended onsite training if desired.

CliniFusion was built for ease of use and most users pick up and go with little to no guidance. Our specific training program may vary based on your specific needs but is usually no longer than 1-2 days.

While CliniFusion set-up time only takes a few days, there are other factors that can affect the go-live including superuser training, interfacing request, number of providers, and other logistical needs. Our support team will walk you through our entire set up process and prepare your team for training. Because CliniFusion was built to mirror most infusion centers workflow, training is relatively easy and most users adapt very quickly.

We view our users as partners and our success is directly related to your clinic’s success. We have made your support needs a top priority and utilize a simple support ticket system that is constantly monitored.

Introducing the Standard for Documenting an IV Ketamine Infusion

What is Clinifusion?

CliniFusion is cloud-based EMR that consist of several different modules that  integrate seemlessly

Ketamine Based Cloud-EMR

Patient Scheduler

Infusion Software App

Billing and Tracking Tool

Inventory Management

Controlled Drugs Tracking

Business Reporting and Analytics

Research Tool